Date: 2022
Date Country Categories
01. Jun. 2022 Innovative training activities for the plant-based food industry: discover the EQVEGAN project ISEKI organized or supported
30. May. 2022 8th PEF School on Pulsed Electric Field Applications in Food and Biotechnology France None
26. May. 2022 2022 Multidisciplinary Conference on Sustainable Development Romania None
19. May. 2022 ICA Community of Practice for Bioeconomy Education Colloquium 2022 Belgium None
19. May. 2022 International Web Conference on Food Choice & Eating Motivation Portugal ISEKI related
13. May. 2022 Gastronomy as an Engine of Change Austria None
10. May. 2022 15th European PhD Workshop on Food Engineering and Technology Switzerland PhD related
03. May. 2022 7th International Conference on Food digestion Ireland None
26. Apr. 2022 Workshop on Promoting education, training and skills across the bioeconomy ISEKI related
06. Apr. 2022 DISH Cluster - Towards a healthy and safe diet ISEKI related
06. Apr. 2022 7th Cereals & Europe Spring Meeting Greece None
03. Apr. 2022 34th National Conference Processing and Energy in Agriculture - PTEP 2022 Serbia ISEKI organized or supported
24. Mar. 2022 ICOSTEE 2022 - International Conference on Science, Technology, Engineering And Economy Hungary ISEKI related
21. Mar. 2022 Food Integrity 2022 United Kingdom None
15. Mar. 2022 13th Ibero-American Congress of Food Engineering - CIBIA XIII Colombia None
08. Mar. 2022 The Future of Protein Production Summit Germany None
24. Jan. 2022 Sustainable Foods Summit NA Virtual Edition United States None
17. Jan. 2022 Future of Food - alternative protein industry and our diet Croatia None
Date: 2021
Date Country Categories
25. Nov. 2021 2nd International / 12th National Food Engineering Congress Turkey None
18. Nov. 2021 Dare2Change Innovation-Driven Agrifood Business Portugal None
10. Nov. 2021 ISEKI E-conference Food Texture, Quality Safety and Biosecurity in the Global Bioeconomy Austria ISEKI organized or supported
01. Nov. 2021 35th EFFoST International Conference 2021 Switzerland None
25. Oct. 2021 7th Whole Grain Summit Austria ISEKI organized or supported
23. Oct. 2021 3rd international workshop entitled “Gender Equality and Resilient Food Systems: the role of women in the food system" None
07. Oct. 2021 ProtStab2021 - 13th International Conference on Protein Stabilization Bulgaria None
30. Sep. 2021 D-A-CH Tagung 2021 für angewandte Getreidewissenschaften Austria None
24. Sep. 2021 2nd UNIFood International Conference – UNIFood2020 Serbia ISEKI organized or supported
20. Sep. 2021 SAAFoST 2021 - 24th Biennial International Virtual Congress South Africa None
23. Jun. 2021 ISEKI-Food 2021 ISEKI organized or supported
03. Jun. 2021 2nd International Olive Center Conference Greece None
31. May. 2021 7th School on Pulsed Electric Fiels Applications in Food and Biotechnology Spain None
20. May. 2021 New training methodologies to match opportunities and challenges for sustainability in the agri-food sector ISEKI organized or supported
03. May. 2021 14th Baltic Conference on Food Science FoodBalt2021 Estonia None
20. Apr. 2021 4th International Conference on Education, Innovation and Learning Technologies (ICEILT-4) Spain None
18. Apr. 2021 INOPTEP 2021 - SUSTAINABLE POSTHARVEST AND FOOD TECHNOLOGIES Serbia ISEKI organized or supported
18. Mar. 2021 Urban Jungle - sustainable cities in the making Austria None
17. Mar. 2021 7th International Congress on Engineering, Environment and Materials in Processing Industry Bosnia and Herzegovina
15. Mar. 2021 3rd Asia-Pacific Sustainable Foods Summit Singapore None
25. Jan. 2021 Sustainable Foods Summit NA Virtual Edition United States None
25. Jan. 2021 NutrEvent 7th Edition None
06. Jan. 2021 ICBC 2020 - 16th International Cereal and Bread Congress New Zealand None
Date: 2020
Date Country Categories
10. Dec. 2020 FOODAWARE Final Conference Austria ISEKI organized or supported
24. Nov. 2020 F&V Processing 2020 - Third Symposium on Fruit and Vegetable Processing France None
18. Nov. 2020 ISEKI-e-conference on "Food Quality and Texture in Sustainable Production and Healthy Consumption" Austria ISEKI organized or supported
17. Nov. 2020 See The Future - Enago's Virtual Conference United States None
10. Nov. 2020 34th EEFost International Conference - Bridging high-tech, food-tech and health: Consumer-oriented innovations None
24. Sep. 2020 The 19th International Conference "Life Sciences for Sustainable Development" Romania None
31. Aug. 2020 32nd Conference Processing and Energy in Agriculture - PTEP 2020 Serbia ISEKI organized or supported
17. Aug. 2020 IUFoST New Zealand None



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