Welcome to the ISEKI-Food Association!

The ISEKI-Food Association is an independent European non-profit organisation, established in 2005 by representatives of university institutions, research institutes, companies and associations related to food, coming from all over the world.

The ISEKI-Food Association mission is to support

  • Lifelong learning in the food sector, encompassing both academia & industry
  • Teachers and Trainers to improve efficacy of teaching
  • Students to gain knowledge more easily
  • Industry staff / Food professionals to make use of research results
  • Researchers to facilitate collaboration

in order to assure the best possible competences for all working in the food sector; and thus contributing to serving the consumer with safe and good food.

  • ISEKI-Food has been granted consultative status with UNIDO in 2010
  • The ISEKI-Food Association is founding member of EASPA (European Alliance for Subject-Specific and Professional Accreditation an Quality Assurance, http://www.easpa.eu) in 2011
  • The ISEKI-Food Association was elected as Standing Committee of ICA (Association for European Life Science Universities) in 2014

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International standards for food study programmes

23-25 June 2021, Nicosia, Cyprus
Sustainable Development Goals in Food Systems

18-19 November 2020

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