The ISEKI-Food Association is currently involved in following projects as partner

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FNS-Cloud – Food Nutrition Security Cloud

OCT 2019 - SEP 2023
H2020, Innovation action
Persons involved: Katherine Flynn, Luis Mayor, Federica Striglio


FIELDS – Addressing the current and future skill needs for sustainabilty, digitalization,
and the bio-economy in agriculture: European skills agenda and strategy

JAN 2020 - DEC 2024
ERASMUS+ Sector Skills Alliances
Persons involved: Ana Ramalho, Luis Mayor, Christoph Knöbl


FAIRCHAIN – development of competitive intermediate food chain alternatives
adapted to small and mid-sized actors

NOV 2020 - OCT 2024
H2020 Innovation Action
Persons involved: Katherine Flynn, Ana Ramalho, Christoph Knöbl


e-SAFE – Enhance safer and healthier meals through food handlers' education
and training

NOV 2020 - AUG 2023
Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership
Persons involved: Ana Ramalho, Christoph Knöbl


EQVEGAN – European Qualifications & Competences for the Vegan Food Industry

DEC 2020 - NOV 2023
ERASMUS+ Sector Skills Alliances
Persons involved: Luis Mayor, Christoph Knöbl


FOODSAFETY4EU – Multi-stakeholder platform for food safety in Europe

JAN 2021 - DEC 2023
H2020 project
Persons involved: Katherine Flynn



E-SafeFood  Development of a comprehensive e-training programme
on microbiological safety in food chains for current and future professionals

JAN 2022 - JUN 2024
Erasmus+ key action 2 "Strategic Partnership"
Persons involved: Luis Mayor, Federica Striglio



SUST-AID  Environmentally Sustainable Food Aid programs in Europe:
Vocational educational strengthening capacities and program delivery

MAR 2022 - FEB 2025
Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnership
Persons involved: Federica Striglio, Valentina Mayer



HORECA-FS  Strategies to Improve the Qualifications of Hotel Restaurant
Catering Staff on Food Safety and Hygiene Practices

APR 2022 - JAN 2024
Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnership
Persons involved: Federica Striglio, Sara Barbosa


FoodPathS  Co-creating the prototype 'Safe and Sustainable FOOD Systems PArTnersHip'

JUN 2022 - MAY 2026
Horizon 2020
Persons involved: Katherine Flynn, Federica Striglio


I-RESTART  Inclusive REskilling and upSkilling Toward competitive Agrifood and
veterinary sectoR: European agenda StraTegy

SEP 2022 - AUG 2026
Erasmus+ Alliances for Sectoral Cooperation on Skills
Persons involved: Luis Mayor, Ana Ramalho, Valentina Mayer



EU4ADVICE  Multi-actor collaboration dynamics and capacity building network inside
and between AKIS to foster the upscaling of SFSCs across Europe

OCT 2022 - SEP 2027
Persons involved: Katherine Flynn, Valentina Mayer




JAN 2023 - DEC 2025
Persons involved: Luminita Ciolacu, Sofia Reis


WATSON  A holistic frameWork with Anticounterfeit and inTelligence-based technologieS
that will assist food chain stakehOlders in rapidly identifying and preveNting the spread of fraudulent practices

MAR 2023 - FEB 2026
Horizon 2020
Persons involved: Ana Ramalho, Sara Barbosa


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