Under the umbrella of several European projects different e-learning courses were developed for undergraduate-, graduate students and industrial people. Click on the boxes below to know more.

Food processing
Food safety
Food waste
Hygienic design
Teacher training
Innovative Food Supply Chains



Every course can be used at any time by members of the ISEKI-Food Association (IFA) in good financial standing for free, 50 € per course will be charged for non-members for a period of 6 months. To get access rights please fill in the "registrationform-elearning" at the bottom of the page.

Members of the ISEKI-Food Association have also the possibility to use these courses as teacher to interact with their students and/or to create their own courses in this platform. To get access as teacher with students, the system administrator has to be contacted at office@iseki-food.net. To create a new course please fill in the "Application form for new course" at the bottom of the page.

Access to the ISEKI-Food E-LEARNING PLATFORM: https://moodle.iseki-food.net


Application form for new course



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