Team Area Chair Co-Chairs Members
 Public Relation  Paola Pittia Maria Papageorgiou 
  National Representatives Luis Mayor Helmut Glattes Anita Habershuber, Anna McElhatton
  Database Management   Margarida Viera, Luis Mayor, Gerhard Schleining, Cristina Silva
 Publications  Kristberg Kristbergsson Cristina Silva 
  Books Kristberg Kristbergsson Anna McElhatton Afam Jideani, Barbara Sturm
  E-Journal Cristina Silva Ferruh Erdogduh Afam Jideani, Paulo Sobral
 Quality Assurance  Rui Costa Peter Ho 
  Accreditation Rui Costa Jesus Frias Luis Mayor
  CPD Peter Ho Luis Mayor Rui Costa, Gerhard Schleining
 Training  Gerhard Schleining Saverio Mannino 
  E-learning Saverio Mannino Liliana Tudoreanu Charis Galanakis, Barbara Sturm
  Workshops  Saverio Mannino  
  Webinars Velitchka Gotcheva Gerhard Schleining 
  PhD Platform   Victoria Ferragut Gabriela Iordachescu
 Research-Education-Industry   Jesus Frias  Marco Dalla Rosa 
  PICAM Food  Cristina Ratti Fahrettin Gogos Julia Garcia
  SIG1&2 Food Structure and Bionanotechnology Victor Acha Liliana Tudoreanu Saverio Manninio, Kristberg Kristbergsson, Gustavo Gutierrez, Gerhard Schleining
  SIG3 Scientific Networking Paola Pittia Cristina Silva 
  SIG4 Bioactive Compounds Manuala Pintado Pablo Ribotta 
  SIG5 Food Waste Recovery Charis Galanakis  
  SIG6 Virtualization in Food Engineering Francesco Marra Ferruh Erdogdu
Fabrizio Sarghini
  SIG 7 Traditional Foods Dimitris Tsaltas Susanne Braun Javier Casado
  SIG 8 Education Paola Pittia Alexandrina Sirbiu 
  SIG 9 Postharvest Handling Afam Jideani  
 ISEKI Academy  Cristina Silva Marco Dalla Rosa 
 Regional Section Spain  Luis Mayor Chelo Gonzales 


23-25 June 2021, Nicosia, Cyprus
Sustainable Development Goals in Food Systems

The Extraordinary General Assembly of the ISEKI-Food Association will be held virtually on 6 July 2020, 14:00-16:00 CEST

International standards for food study programmes


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