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The History of this Network

The main objectives of the ISEKI-Food Association are:

Establishment and maintenance of a network between universities, research institutions and companies in the food chain by
    • promoting synergies between research, education/teaching and industry
    • Development of a virtual community of experts in the field of food, with communication to the general public
    • Establishment of a framework of agreements among partners, fostering the mobility of students and staff
    • Stimulating the development of further related projects

Working towards the quality assurance of food studies by
    • Tuning curricula
    • Developing teaching materials and teaching methods
    • Cooperation in the implementation of quality criteria in the food chain
    • Accreditation of food studies

The association is registered under Austrian law as ZVR 541528038. Its activities are regulated by statutes and bye-laws (for IFA and for academy).

The organisational structure of the ISEKI-Food Association can be found here.

For further details please see our leaflet.


Documents and dissemination materials:

File Statutes-en-2010-07.pdf26.77 KB
File bye-laws-ifa-2014-05-23.pdf257.48 KB
File bye-laws-accreditation-commission-2011-09-27.pdf40.08 KB
File leaflet-EQAS 2016-06.pdf5.22 MB
File leaflet-Curricula.pdf350.18 KB
File leaflet-IJFS.pdf91.99 KB
File leaflet-Innovation_Teaching_Materials.pdf132.49 KB
File leaflet-ISEKI_Books.pdf129.46 KB
File leaflet-Lifelong_Learning.pdf272.96 KB
File leaflet-PICAM.pdf208.62 KB
File leaflet-VNE.pdf157.22 KB
File ifa-organigramm.pdf23.23 KB
File IFA-leaflet-french.pdf170.65 KB
File ifa-leaflet-russian.pdf589.85 KB
File IFA-leaflet-romanian.pdf475.52 KB
File leaflet-Curricula-bulgarian.pdf380.1 KB
File leaflet-Curricula-french.pdf370 KB
File leaflet-Curricula-german.pdf369.14 KB
File leaflet-Curricula-indonesian.pdf366.67 KB
File leaflet-Curricula-italian.pdf368.45 KB
File leaflet-Curricula-polish.pdf375.07 KB
File leaflet-Curricula-portuguese.pdf370.7 KB
File leaflet-Curricula-russian.pdf384.1 KB
File leaflet-Curricula-spanish.pdf370.23 KB
File leaflet-Curricula-turkish.pdf370.82 KB
File leaflet-Curricula- romanian.pdf230.08 KB
File leaflet-PICAM-bulgerian.pdf391.47 KB
File leaflet-PICAM-french.pdf380.33 KB
File leaflet-PICAM-german.pdf380.25 KB
File leaflet-PICAM-indonesian.pdf377.17 KB
File leaflet-PICAM-italian.pdf380.32 KB
File leaflet-PICAM-polish.pdf384.18 KB
File leaflet-PICAM-portuguese.pdf381.57 KB
File leaflet-PICAM-russian.pdf394.84 KB
File leaflet-PICAM-spanish.pdf380.71 KB
File leaflet-PICAM-turkish.pdf380.88 KB
File leaflet-PICAM-romanian.pdf172.66 KB
File bye-laws-academy-2006-01-30.pdf60.6 KB