The History of this network

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The main objectives of the ISEKI-Food Association are:

Establishment and maintenance of a network among universities, research institutions and companies in the food chain by

  • Promoting synergies between research, education/teaching and industry
  • Development of a virtual community of experts in the field of food, with communication to the general public
  • Establishment of a framework of agreements among partners, fostering the mobility of students and staff
  • Stimulating the development of further, related projects

Working towards the quality assurance of food studies by

  • Fine tuning curricula
  • Developing teaching materials and teaching methods
  • Cooperation in the implementation of quality criteria in the food chain
  • Accreditation of food studies

The association is registered under Austrian law as ZVR 541528038. Its activities are regulated by statutes and bye-laws (for IFA and for academy).

Documents and dissemination materials:



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