The ISEKI-Food Association was involved in following projects as project partner or associated partner

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SDGs Labs – Making the SDGs our business

JAN 2019 - JAN 2022
Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance
Persons involved: Line Lindner, Foteini Chrysanthopoulou


SMARTCHAIN  Towards Innovation–driven and smart solutions in short food supply chains

SEP 2018 - AUG 2021
H2020 Research and Innovation Action
Persons involved: Foteini Chrysanthopoulou, Katherine Flynn, Gunter Greil
Visit the SMARTCHAIN Innovation Platform to find out interesting innovations and initiatives
about Short Food Supply Chains, but also an e-learning course about
"Best Practices in Short Food Supply Chain Innovations".



ASKFOOD – Alliance for Skills and Knowledge to Widen Food Sector-related Open Innovation,
Optimization and Development

JAN 2018 - DEC 2020
Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance
Persons involved: Line Lindner, Foteini Chrysanthopoulou, Christoph Knöbl



FOOD-AWARE – Training materials and visual learning tools for early education
on environmental sustainability and responsible food consumption

NOV 2018 - DEC 2020
Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership
Persons involved: Foteini Chrysanthopoulou, Anita Habershuber


Best Innovative Approach to Minimize Post Harvest Losses within Food Chain for VET

SEP 2017 - DEC 2019
Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership
Persons involved: Foteini Chrysanthopoulou, Anita Habershuber


South East Asian Academy of Brewing Technology

OCT 2015 - APR 2019
Erasmus + Capacity Builing
Persons involved: Line Lindner, Anita Haberhsuber, Foteini Chrysanthopoulou



European Food-STA

JAN 2015 - JUN 2018
Erasmus + Knowledge Science Project
Persons involved: Gerhard Schleining, Line Lindner, Foteini Chrysanthopoulou



Traditional Food Network to Improve the transfer of Knowledge for Innovation

NOV 2013 - OCT 2016
Knowledge Transfer Network
Persons involved: Gerhard Schleining, Luis Mayor, Anita Habershuber


COST Action Positive

Persons involved:
Gerhard Schleining



Development of Novel Exhaust Air Decontamination Process and Equipment for Food Processing Industry’s Applications, based on Non-Thermal Plasma Discharge

Persons involved:
Gerhard Schleining




Europe´s Food science and technology on a Fast Track

Persons involved:
Gerhard Schleining




Persons involved:
Gerhard Schleining



Towards the innovation of the food chain through innovation of education in Food Studies

Persons involved:
Gerhard Schleining






International standards for food study programmes

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