Start time: 
Tuesday, 21 May 2013, 16:00 CEST
Presenter name: 
Mischa Zöberer
Presenter institution: 
Infraprotect GmbH

IFS Food standard version 6 has been developed with full and active involvement of certification bodies, retailers, industry and food service companies from all over the world. The Version 6 is not only a food safety but also a food protection (security-) standard (chapter 6) and includes more security and risk requirements (e.g. risk analyses, more requirements on security control, property security, security awareness…). A significant new depature relates to the protection of the food chain against terrorist acts. It means that the chapter 6 - Food Defense (Food Security Protection) has been an unavoidable issue for some time now. From the IFS Version 6 onwards all certified Companies have a binding obligation to comply on the protection of their production against intentional threats. The main criterias in this field includes “Site Security”, “Personnel and Visitors”, “Risk Assessments” and “Responsibilites Food Defense”.  In the IFS Version 6 – chapter 6 there is no singular defined structure for a Food Defense plan.In Austria you find an applicable process in the Austrian Standard S 2403 Corporate Security Management. Corporate Security Management in this Austrian standard means the structured and systematic alignment and adaption of the processes of an organization with the goal to protect the tangible and intangible assets of an organization against dangers and hazards from natural disasters, technical accidents or intentional threats (organized crime, sabotage, etc.). Especially while coping with intentional threats a company can gain sympathy and trust in the eyes of clients and employees concerning corporate security management but it can also destroy hard earned mutual trust and legitimation. Therefore it is necessary to avoid generally known sources of error as good as possible and conduct preventive measures in terms of a holistic security management (safety and security) to cope with complex situation or unforeseeable events.For this purpose, the process of the Austrian standard S 2403 Corporate Security Management can be used as basis for the IFS 6 requirements in chapter 6.Speaker: Mischa Zöberer has been a police officer for more than 15 years, before he joined the private sector as a senior conusltant in the field of corporate security. He was a member of the special opterations group “COBRA” and also a Detective in the federal bureau of investigation in austria. Furthermore he had been a Detective of the Federal Agency for State Protection and Counter-Terrorism. Since 2008 he advises national and international companies in the field of corporate security, risk- and crisis management. In 2009 he joined the University of Applied Sciences (FH Campus Vienna) where he has been teaching courses on topics in business continuuity and corporate security management. He has been serving as an expert in the research group “Corporate Security” from the Austrian Standards.The full presentation and the recording of the session can only be accessed by IFA-members. Non IFA-members can ask for access against a small handling fee of 30 € at office [AT] iseki-food [dot] net

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