ISEKI-Food Association organises International Competition Games on various food-related topics and in cooperation with different projects. In the Games:

  • Teams from around the world compete to find a real-world relevant solution to a particular food-related challenge or problem.
  • Teams identify, design and develop a solution that can be applied by food industry.
  • Team projects are evaluated by a Board containing academics, food industry and food association representatives; and
  • Winners receive cash prizes and/or invitations to relevant food conferences.

Games may be open to undergraduate and/or graduate students and may be with or without the input of faculty tutors. In the future, games for professionals are planned. Stay tuned!

Food-Factory-4-Us: is an International Student Competition Game that began in cooperation with the European FooD-STA project. Here, there is a new Edition of the Game approximately once per year.

BEVERAGE-4-US: is an International Student Competition Programme that ran in cooperation with the SEA-ABT project.

Sustainable Supply Chain: is an International Competition running in cooperation with the NextFOOD project. Here, there will be a new Cycle of the Competition approximately once per year.




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