Lastname, Firstname
ÇARŞANBA, ERDEMERDEM ÇARŞANBA's picture Çukurova University - Food Engineering
Erdoğdu, FerruhFerruh Erdoğdu's picture University of Ankara - Department of Food Engineering
Göğüş, FahrettinFahrettin Göğüş's picture UG - University of Gaziantep - Faculty of Engineering
Kian Pour, Nasim Food Engineering Department, Istanbul Aydin University, Küçükçekmece ̸ İstanbul, Turkey - Food Engineering
Turabi Yolacaner, ElifElif Turabi Yolacaner's picture Hacettepe University - Food Engineering


08-10 July 2010, Nicosia, Cyprus
Sustainable Development Goals in Food Systems

International standards for food study programmes


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