Start time: 
Wednesday, 22 May 2013, 15:00 CEST
Presenter name: 
Dr. Ing. Smain CHEMAT
Presenter institution: 
Centre de Recherche en Analyses Physico-Chimiques (CRAPC)

Extraction stands as a significant operation for the recovery of active ingredients from plant kigdom. It may becomes also, to some extent, an intelligent tool for purification purposes if process optimization occurs properly. Conventional methods such as steam distillation, heat reflux, Soxhlet were widely used but credited as non-environmental friendly processes, either as energy consumption guru or as most of them use heavily toxic hydrocarboned solvents. In addition to limitations such as low yields and longer extraction times, their applications in industry become very costly. In this essence, new technologies such as ultrasound-assisted extraction and microwave-assisted extraction which use less solvents and provide an interesting increase in yields in a shorter time gained more popularity. Mechanical effect induced by ultrasonic waves increased the rate of mass transfer, solvent permeability and secondary metabolite diffusion throught plant cell walls. In parallel, sudden temperature risiing at focal points in microwave process helped the rapid exudation of components from plants/seeds. This webinar presentation intends to explain the basics behind ultrasonic and microwave processes and give an example of the recovery of a sprout inhibiting agent ``carvone`` present in Carum carvi L. essential oil.Speaker 1:S. CHEMAT is a Research Director at Centre de Recherche en Analyses Physico-Chimiques (CRAPC)ALGERIA. He obtained his Ph.D. Degree in Process Engineering from the University of Science & technology (USTHB) ALGERIA and worked as Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Chemical Engineering Department of The University of Bath, United Kingdom. He has over 10 international publications, 1 book chapters and several international communications. His research interest includes ultrasonic/microwave extraction processes, separation technologies for active ingredient purification and sample preparation techniques for pharmaceutical analysis.Speaker 2: Dr. Galanakis is the co-administrator of "Galanakis Laboratories" (Chania, Greece), a SME aiming at the analysis of wine, food, beverage and environmental samples as well as the consultancy of related industries and local producers. Ηe is also the co-inventor of the patent (WO/2008/082343) entitled “Olive Waste Recovery” and the co-founder of Phenoliv AB (Lund, Sweden), a spin-out company that targets the industrial production of valuable compounds from olive mill wastewater(OMW) and other agricultural by-products. He is an Editorial Board Member of Food Research International. Finally, he has taught “Management of Agro-industrial and Livestock Waste”at Cyprus University Technology.The full presentation and the recording of the session can only be accessed by IFA-members. Non IFA-members can ask for access against a small handling fee of 30 € at office [AT] iseki-food [dot] net


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