Start time: 
Wednesday, 1 June 2016, 17:00 CEST
Presenter name: 
Joe D'angelo
Presenter institution: 
Materials Science Publisher

Are you curious about the latest AFM characterization techniques for thin films that are now faster, easier to perform, and yield quantitative results? Oxford Instruments Asylum Research in conjunction with Materials Today will discuss the powerful capabilities and techniques of today’s atomic force microscopes (AFMs) for evaluating thin films. Topics • Recent improvements in AFM instrumentation for speed, sensitivity and ease of use• Basic concepts of surface imaging and analysis• Advanced techniques for electrical, electromechanical and other functional responseWe present an overview of these techniques for a variety of thin film applications. We'll also discuss in detail an example of their application to memory access devices in the semiconductor industry. New capabilities for nanomechanical imaging are also briefly introduced. Distinguished SpeakersDr. Donna Hurley, Consultant, Lark ScientificDr. Kumar Virwani, Staff Member, IBM Research-AlmadenJoe D'angelo, (Moderator), Materials Science Publisher


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