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Platform for International Cooperation and Mobility in the field of Food

The Platform for International Cooperation and Mobility in the field of Food (PICAM Food) was created as one of the objectives of joint projects namely ISEKI-Food 3 and ISEKI-Mundus 2.

ISEKI-Food 3 had 94 partners from 30 European countries including universities and research centres, professional associations and partners from the food industry. The main objective of the ISEKI-Food 3 project was to foster the realisation of the European Higher Education Area in the field of Food Studies.

ISEKI-Mundus 2 aimed to extend the developments undergoing through ISEKI Food 3 to other countries, and develop new activities towards the promotion of good communication and understanding between European countries and the rest of the world.

The ISEKI-Food Association (IFA) represents the ISEKI-Food network and was established to ensure the sustainability of the ISEKI-Food network.


Objectives of PICAM Food

The overall objective of the PICAM Food is to bring staff, students and industry practitioners together on a web platform for promoting International Cooperation and Mobility in the field of Food. PICAM Food has four databases to establish this communication:



In each platform you can

  • Fill the questionnaires to be in our database
  • Search mobility institutions, mobility programs, food experts or students having mobility experience

If you are not a member of IFA and want to enter data please register for non-member at and select PICAM.


Download a flyer to inform your collegues and students about the PICAM platform. The following languages are available: English, Bulgarian, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.


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