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Francesco Marra

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Dr Francesco Marra

Francesco Marra (born in Cosenza - Italy, the 21st of April 1974) is an assistant professor of transport phenomena at Faculty of Engineering of University of Salerno (Italy) since 2005. Graduated in Chemical Engineering, in 1999, at University of Calabria (Italy), he completed the Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at University of Salerno (Italy) in 2003.
At present he is engaged in research at the Department of Industrial Engineering (DIIn), in the section of Chemical and Food Engineering. He teaches transport phenomena in food processes (course in the MSc programme in Food Engineering), thermodynamics of chemical engineering (course in the BSc programme in Chemical Engineering) and Principles of Chemical and Environmental Engineering (course in the BSc programme in Environmental Engineering). Since one year ago, he serves as head of the International Committee of the School of Chemical and Food Engineering. He is also member of the committee of Ph.D. programme of Chemical Engineering.
Visiting scientist at University College Dublin (Ireland) in 2004; research fellow University of California, in Davis, CA, USA, in 2008 and 2010. Erasmus lecturer at University College Dublin (Ireland) in 2011 and at Corvinus University of Budapest (Hungary) in 2009.
He is an expert of food processing assisted by electromagnetic fields, modeling of transport phenomena in multi-physics context, engineering of innovative prototypes for food processing. Recently he is also involved in developing in-vitro systems for the understanding of human digestion.
Guest curator of a special section of the Journal of Food Engineering (volume 71 issue 3 - 2005) devoted to mathematical modeling in food process engineering, he authored over 50 scientific papers published in refereed international journals, in books and in international conferences. Recently he has signed a contract with Springer for co-editing a book on "Dielectric properties and Experimental measurement - Food, Bio-systems and Health Materials", to be completed by the end of 2015.
He is responsible for research activity financed with national public funds as well as with private funds through specific research agreements entered into between the DICA and DIIn with companies such as Italian and multinational companies.
He is professional member of IFT (Institute of Food Technologists, Food Engineering Division, Chicago, IL, USA) , of ISFE (International Society of Food Engineering , Pullman, WA, USA), which is the Special Interest Group dedicated to Food Engineering of the International Union of Food Science & Technology (IUFoST) and of EHEDG (The European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group, Frankfurt, Germany).
He chaired the organization of International Symposium "Virtualization of Processes in Food Engineering", held at University of Salerno, 1-3 October 2014. In 2013 he was moderator of a special symposium on "Electro-heating in Food Engineering: A Spectrum of Possibilities" at IFT annual Meeting, Chicago, USA.

Università degli studi di Salerno
Department of Industrial Engineering - Section of Food and Chemical Engineering
via Giovanni Paolo II, 132
84084 Fisciano (Salerno)
 IT (Italy)
Individual Member