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Dr. Galanakis is a young, dynamic and interdisciplinary scientist with a fast-expanding work that balances between food and environment, industry and academia. His research work targets mainly the recovery of functional macro- and micro-molecules from different agricultural and food wastes, their separation using membrane technology and finally their implementation as additives in food products.
He received his PhD degree in 2010 from Environmental Engineering Department of Technical University of Crete (Greece), where he received 2 scholarships. A major part of the study was also conducted in the Department of Food Technology, Engineering and Nutrition of Lund University (Sweden). During his doctoral study, he pioneered and patented a simple and original methodology for the simultaneous recovery of dietary fibers and phenols, from olive mill wastewater, in two separated streams. The proposed methodology attracted the interest of Lund University Innovation Systems AB that established in 2009 a spin-off company (Phenoliv AB, Lund). The latest is developing olive polyphenols and other innovative products from oil-based food sources.
He co-owns a chemical laboratory (Galanakis Laboratories, Chania, Greece) where he works as an analyst for more than 10 years, and as a research and innovation director since 2012. During this time, he is dedicated to the analysis of wine, food, beverages and environmental samples as well as at the consultancy of related industries and local producers.
In addition his professional activities, he serves as an Editorial Board Member and Guest Editor of Food Research International since 2012. He is also the Coordinator of Special Interest Group 5 (Food Waste Recovery) of ISEKI Food Association since 2012, where he organizes webinars and other activities that are currently followed by more than 500 colleagues in 60 countries. Since 2014, he is an expert evaluator of proposals for international and regional funded programs of different origin and disciplines as well as a book editor ("Food Waste Recovery: Processing Technologies and Techniques" of Elsevier, launched in August 2015).
He has published several research articles, reviews, monographs and conference proceedings. His academic work has lately raised scientific and public interest, as reflected by the numerous nominations ("Top-25 most downloaded article 2012-Trends in Food Science and Technology", "Top Reviewers 2012-Desalination" and "Outstanding Reviewer 2012-Bioresource Technology") and dozens invitations (as a lecturer in Universities, speaker and animator in Universities, International Workshops, Conferences, Summer School, webpanelist and lecturer in webinars of ISEKI Food Association and Institute of Food Technologists).

Galanakis Laboratories
Research & Innovation
Skalidi 34
73131 CHANIA (Crete)
 GR (Greece)
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