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EXAIRDEC project

Exairdec project will develop an innovative contaminated air purification solution for food preparing industry’s (FPI) applications. It will effectively decontaminate the waste air emitted during the different food preparing processes that contains a variety of organic gaseous and aerosol contaminants, volatile organic compounds and particulate matter among others. This will result in the elimination of a number of problems currently present in the everyday practice of food preparing industry.
The European food processing and preparation industry is currently facing the following acute problems which pose a major hindrance to their overall level of competitiveness:
  • Difficulties in meeting regulatory requirements, directives and standards in terms of handling the emissions of dangerous substances, especially cooking fumes and vapours;
  • Existing contaminant removal is of low efficiency. The remaining contaminants settle in the ventilation system, thus creating a fire potential in the fast air flow;
  • Remarkably high capital and operational costs due to lost energy (waste air not applicable in heat exchangers) and from the need for frequent replacement of extraction system filters.
Existing available means for waste air decontamination (filters, electrostatic precipitations, adsorbents, scrubbers, and oxidation) do not meet the needs of the industry or solve the problems described. They have little effect on preventing clogging of fats in the ductwork and emissions of odorous and harmful particles or substances. The only effective solution thinkable at the moment for really effective contaminant removal is combustion (e.g. with gas) but due to its extremely high running cost it is not used nor is it viable for our FPI SMEs.
Part of the project is to produce a literature survey of emissions from food processing and measure the levels of real emissions and odours and inform the choice of measurement methods for the pilot plant. In pilot plant we aim to utilise the revolutionary ultra-short (duration about 50-100 ns) gas-phase Pulsed Corona Discharge (PCD) technology, which provides the stability of the discharge by the ultra-short application of voltage to the insulation-free electrodes of uneven geometry. We are aiming to develop a prototype that has high energy density, fast and complete destruction of large variety of organic gaseous and aerosol contaminants and have low running costs.
Our research and development undertaken within this project will provide our SME-AG members as well as the wider European community with the routes for overcoming the current existing technical barriers in the course of enabling the utilization of latest auspicious scientific affordances and implementing the scientific achievements in practical situations.
EKVÜ Eesti Kuette- ja Ventilatsiooniinseneride Ühing MTY
Mr Märt Prosin
E-mail: exairdec [AT] ekvy [dot] ee