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Food expert Harris Lazarides, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Expert's details
First name: 
Last name: 
Professor, Laboratory Director and Dept Head
+30 2310 991633
E-Mail address:
Institutional details
Institution name: 
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Food Science and Technology
Institution location: 
Box 235
54124 Thessaloniki
 GR (Greece)
Expert's skills
Food Process engineer
Keywords for scientific activities: 
  • mass transfer, direct osmosis, osmotic treatments
  • membrane processes, waste processing
  • dehydration design, minimal processing
Selected publications: 
  • Lazarides, H. N. 2003. Dehydration System Design. In: D. R. Heldman (editor), “Encyclopedia of Agricultural, Food and Biological Engineering”. Marcel Dekker Inc., NY, p. 180-185.
  • Tsagaraki, E. and Lazarides, H. N. 2010. Fouling analysis and performance of tubular ultrafiltration on pre-treated Olive Mill Waste Water. Food and Bioprocess Technology.
  • Lazarides, H. N., Mitrakas, G.E. and Matsos, K.I. 2007. Edible coating and counter-current product/solution contacting: A novel approach to monitoring solids uptake during osmotic dehydration of a model food system. J. Food Engineering, 82 (2):171-177
  • Lazarides, H. N., Fito, P., Chiralt, A., Gekas, V and A. Lenart. 1999. Advances in Osmotic Dehydration. In: Oliveira, F.A.R. and J.C. Oliveira (editors), “Processing Foods: Quality Optimization and Process Assessment”, CRC Press. p. 175-199.
  • Lazarides, H. N. A. Iakovidis and H. G. Schwartzberg. 1990. Aroma loss and recovery during falling film evaporation. In : Spiess, W. E. L. and H. Schubert (eds.) "Engineering and Food. Vol. 3. Advanced Processes". Elsevier Applied Science Publishers. p. 96-105.