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Universidade do Algarve

Institutional details
  • Food Biotechnology
  • Food Engineering
  • Food Science
  • Food Technology
Contact person:
8005-119 Faro
 PT (Portugal)
Mobility programme information
Accepted language(s): 
  • English
Possibilities for students: 
  • Hosting to carry out the work under a diploma or thesis
Fee requirements: 
  • Term fee
Accommodation location: 
  • On campus / provided by institution
Estimated monthly living costs
Accommodation costs: 
Food costs: 


The following is a list of student halls of residence.  

Penha Campus Female Hall of Residence

(Residência Feminina do Campus da Penha)
Address: Quinta da Penha, Faro
Tel.: (+351) 289805519

Carreira de Tiro Hall of Residence
(Residência da Carreira de Tiro)
Address: Praceta Salgueiro Maia, Bloco D
(1º D e 10º A), Faro
Tel.: (+351) 289806697 (1º D)
Tel.: (+351) 289801188 (10º A)

Rua de Berlim Male Hall of Residence

(Residência Masc. da Rua de Berlim)
Address: Rua de Berlim, n.º 79, Faro
Tel.: (+351) 289801290

Albacor Female Hall of Residence
(Residência Feminina do Albcor)Address: Rua Brites de Almeida, nº 25, FaroTel.: (+351) 289807507 

Ferragial Female Hall of Residence

(Residência Feminina do Ferragial)
Address: Urbanização do Ferragial, Lt. 16, Faro
Tel.: (+351) 289821395

Ferragial Male Hall of Residence

(Residência Masculina do Ferragial)
Address: Urbanização do Ferragial, Lt. 17, Faro
Tel.: (+351) 289821394

Oásis Female Hall of Residence

(Residência Feminina do Oásis)
Address: Edif.
Oásis, Estrada Nacional 125, Faro
Tel.: (+351) 289807269

Montebranco Male Hall of Residence

(Residência Masculina do Montebranco)
Address: Rua das Violetas, Lote O, Gambelas
Tel.: (+351) 289817095

Montebranco Hall of Residence

(Residência de Montebranco)
Address: Rua das Hortênsias, Lote E, Gambelas
Urbanização do Monte Branco, Faro
Tel.: (+351) 289815973

Portimão Female and Male Hall of Residence

(Residência Fem./Masc. de Portimão)
Address: Urbanização de São Sebastião, Lote 1, Portimão

Visa and residence permit

Foreign students, with the exception of EU/EEA citizens, who intend to stay in Portugal for more than three months require a residence permit. The responsible authority in Portugal is the Foreigners and Borders Services (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras).

Students from outside EU/EEA

Students from outside EU/EEA, who intend to stay in Portugal for a period longer than three months, must apply for a residence permit for studies. The permit must be complete and entered into your passport before entry into Portugal. You apply for the permit at a Portugues embassy or a Portuguese consulate in your home country or in your country of residence.

» Database of embassies and consulates

A person who is in Portugal for a period of less than three months does not need a residence permit. However, citizens of certain countries must have a visa.

EU/EEA/Swiss citizens

Students from EU/EEA do not need a residence permit for staying in Portugal. An EU/EEA citizen who is staying in Portugal for more than three months must however register the right of residence with the Foreigners and Borders Services no later than three months after entering the country. If you are a citizen of Switzerland you must apply for a residence permit. Extension of residence permit

A residence permit is granted for one year at a time. If the period of study is less than one year you will be granted a residence permit that is valid for the length of the period of the study. If you have been enrolled for continued full-time study you can apply for an extension of your residence permit.

Work during studies

Foreign students are allowed to work in Portugal during their period of study. No additional work permit is required. However, please be aware that it is difficult to find a part-time job in Portugal, especially if you do not speak Portuguese. The University of Algarve does not help students find jobs.


If you are a foreign national looking to carry out research, teach at a higher education institution or perform highly qualified activity in Portugal please click here for information on obtaining visas and residence permits.

For further information contact:

Foreigners and Borders Services
(Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras)
Tel.: +351 213 156 587
Tel.: +351 217 115 000


Health Care

If you’re planning to visit Portugal and you come from any other European Union member country you are entitled to free health care under the EU reciprocal health agreements.  You are required to bring a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to receive necessary healthcare during a visit to Portugal.  However, if you intend to remain in Portugal for a longer period or you come from a non-EU country then your rights change. 

Basically any resident of Portugal is entitled to free basic health care under the Portuguese Public Health System - this includes free essential medicines, free GP appointments etc. 

If you work in
Portugal and therefore pay into the social security system in the country you automatically become entitled to free hospital treatment etc.  Both prescription and non-prescription medication are not free.  In Portugal you pay between 40 and 100% of the cost of the medication.  You can obtain a large array of medication without the need for prescription which takes away the hassle of having to wait for a doctor’s appointment if you already know what your illness is.  Pharmacies in Portugal are manned by a dispensing chemist and so you can always get qualified advice. 

Pharmacies are open for fairly long hours as are health centres and there is always at least one chemist that is open out of hours for emergency prescriptions. 

In an emergency in Portugal you dial 112 for police or ambulance.