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National Representative: Jesus FRIAS CELAYETA


-    area:    84,421 km2
-    Inhabitants:    4,588,252


Higher Education Institution

Bologna Level 1 Bologna Level 2
Athlone Institute of TechnologyAL836  Health Science and Nutrition - Level 8    

MSc inEnvironmental Health & Safety Management p/t
MSc in Toxicology

St Angela’s College, SligoAS051  Food and Business Management - Level 8     
AS201  Applied Science in Food and Business Management - Level 7  
University College Cork

CK502  Food Marketing and Entrepreneurship - Level 8     
CK505  Food Science - Level 8     
CK506  International Development and Food Policy - Level 8  
CK504  Nutritional Sciences - Level 8     

Food Science and Technology

MSc Food Marketing

MSc Food Bussiness

MSc Food Microbiology

MSc Food Science

MSc Cooperative Organisation, Food Marketing and Rural Development

PGDip Co-operative Organisation, Food Marketing and Rural Development

Cork Institute of TechnologyCR041  Tourism - Level 7     
CR042  Hospitality Management - Level 7     
CR640  Culinary Arts - Level 7     
CR650  Bar Management - Level 7
CR333  Nutrition and Health Science - Level 8    
Dublin City UniversityDC181  Biotechnology - Level 8 
Dundalk Institute of TechnologyDK685  Agriculture - Level 6   
University College DublinDN250  Agricultural Science - Level 8     
DN251  Animal Science - Equine - Level 8     
DN252  Dairy Business - Level 8     
DN261  Food Science - Level 8     
DN262  Human Nutrition - Level 8
DN300  Veterinary Medicine - Undergraduate entry - Level 8     
DN301  Veterinary Medicine - Graduate Entry - Level 8   (Restricted)    
DN310  Veterinary Nursing - Level 8    

Food Regulatory Affairs (Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, MSc)

Food Regulatory Affairs (Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, MSc)

MSc in Food, Nutrition and Health

ME Biosystems Engineering

MEngSc Food Engineering

MSc Food Safety and Risk Analysis

Technological University Dublin DT025  Engineering - Common 1st Year - Level 8     
DT203  Forensic and Environmental Chemistry - Level 8     
DT259  Biosciences - Level 7     
DT401  International Hospitality Management - Level 8     
DT407  Culinary Arts - Level 8     
DT408  Hospitality Management - Level 7     
DT416  Culinary Entrepreneurship - Level 8     
DT417  Bar Studies (Management and Entrepreneurship) - Level 8     
DT420  Nutraceuticals in Health and Nutrition - Level 8     
DT421  Food Innovation - Level 8     
DT424  Food Science and Management - Level 6     
DT432  Culinary Arts(Professional Culinary Practice) - Level 6     
DT444  Health and Nutrition for Culinary Arts - Level 6     
DT491  Environmental Health - Level 8     
DT223  Human Nutrition and Dietetics - Level 8     
DT225  Public Health Nutrition - Level 8     
DT259  Biosciences - Level 7    

European MSc Degree in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition 

MSc in Environmental Health and Safety 

MSc in Food Safety Management

MSc in Culinary Innovation and Food Product Development

Erasmus Mundus Master in Food Innovation and Product design
University Of Limerick LM068  Food Science and Health - Level 8     
Letterkenny Institute of Technology LY346  Culinary Arts at Killybegs, Co. Donegal - Level 6     
LY808  Food Science with Business Management - Level 8     
LY837  Food Science and Nutrition - Level 7 
National University of Ireland, MaynoothMH305  Product Design - Level 8   
Institute of Technology Tralee TL749  Food Science with Innovation - Level 7     
Waterford Institute of TechnologyWD164  Food Science with Business - Level 7     
WD177  Science (Agri.,Food,Pharm.,Applied Biology) - Level 7    


Food Industry

Links to Organisations

  1. Bord Bia - Irish Food Board
  2. Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine
  3. Environmental Protection Agency
  4. Food Safety Authority Ireland
  5. Good Food Ireland
  6. Irish Institute of Food Science and Technology
  7. National Milk Agency 
  8. The TASTE Council of Ireland 
  9. The Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority
  10. FoodWorks

Some Irish Food Industry

  1. Food and Drink Industry Ireland
  2. Glanbia plc
  3. Irish Breakfast Cereal Association
  4. Kerry Group 
  5. Monaghan Mushrooms


  1. AgriFood Graduate Development Programme
  2. Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre
  3. Bord Iascaigh Mhara
  4. Food and Health Ireland
  5. Health Research Board
  6. 6.     Irish Food and Health Research Alliance
  7. Martin Ryan Marine Institute
  8. Teagasc


The agriculture and food sectors in Ireland account for:

  • gross annual output approaching €22 billion
  • 60% of exports by indigenous firms and 10.5% of total exports
  • employing 135,000 people (7.7%)
  • 7.0% of GVA at Factor Cost
  • A significant proportion (circa 32%) of Net Foreign Earnings from exports.


 Individual Members:

Name (click for details)sort icon Institution and contact *
Maria Dermiki
Maria Dermiki's picture
Institute of Technology Sligo
Department of Science
Jesus Frias
Jesus Frias's picture
Technological University Dublin
Environmental Sustainability and Health Institute
Anne Maria Mullen Teagasc Food Research Centre Ashtown
Food Chemistry and Technology