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AMORPH 2014 -- The Felix Franks Symposium - A Celebration

Girton College
 UK (United Kingdom)
2014-July-14, 20:45 - 2014-July-16, 21:45

Preliminary Announcement
We are currently planning to hold the next in the AMORPH series of symposia at Girton College, Cambridge (UK), from July 14 to 16, 2014. The core organising committee has named it the Felix Franks Symposium - A Celebration, in honour of the BioUpdate Foundation founder and principal organiser of the previous AMORPH conferences. The 2014 conference will cover both the science and practical applications technologies of amorphous systems in the food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields, in all of which areas Felix Franks has made many major contributions. The conference will be forward-looking, assessing the state of the art/science and future trends. If you are interested in attending, email Tony Auffret (auffret [AT] bioup [dot] com) with Amorph 14 in the title line, and you will be kept informed. Sponsorship opportunities are available; contact Tony Auffret for more details.

Preliminary Program
July 14 --
Session (1)       Fundamentals (1): water, aqueous solutions, and glasses (0.5 day):

                        Carbohydrates and proteins in aqueous solutions and glasses
                        Session Co-Chairs: Chris Roberts / Peter Lillford (accepted)
                        Keynote Speaker: Thomas Loerting (to be invited)


Session (2)       Practical applications/aspects (1): Amorphous states in food systems (0.5 day)
                        Session Co-Chairs:  Louise Slade & Harry Levine / David Reid (accepted)
                        Keynote Speaker: Yrjo Roos (accepted)

July 15 --
Session (3)       Fundamentals (2): water, aqueous solutions, and glasses (0.5 day): 
cooled aqueous systems and aqueous glasses
                        Session Co-Chairs: Alan Soper (accepted) / Evgenyi Shalaev
                        Plenary Keynote Speaker: Austen Angell (accepted)
Session (4)       Practical applications (2): Amorphous states in pharmaceutical systems (small molecules) (0.5 day)
                        Session Co-Chairs: Sheri Shamblin (accepted) / Paul Royall (accepted) / Marc Descamps (accepted) 
                        Keynote Speaker: Lian Yu (to be invited)

July 16 --
Session (5)       Practical applications (3): Amorphous states in biopharmaceutical and biological systems (0.5 day)
                        Session Co-Chairs: Tudor Arvinte (accepted) / Toru Suzuki (accepted)
                        Keynote Speaker: Mike Pikal (accepted)

Evening Session (timing to be determined)
Session (6)       Poster session
                        Session Co-Chairs: David Lechuga-Ballesteros (accepted) / Kazu Kajiwara (accepted)