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IUFOST-17th World Congress of Food Science & Technology

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Palais des congrès de Montréal
159 Saint-Antoine St. West
Montréal (Quebec)
 CA (Canada)
2014-August-17, 09:15 - 2014-August-21, 17:15


I would like to take this opportunity to express what a pleasure it is to welcome so many of our colleagues from around the globe to Montreal, Canada and the 17thWorld Congress of Food Science & Technology.

During the week of congress, we will join together to learn about advances in food science and technology, gain insights into key industry drivers such as: food safety, regulatory, consumers and some of the challenges facing the industry today.  What needs to be done today to prepare for tomorrow?  How can all the sectors work together in a more collaborative way to ensure ongoing innovation that resonates with consumers, the safety of our food, sustainability and ultimately, feeding the world!

The congress theme: Research that Resonates was carefully selected to reflect how understanding the successful commercialization of our innovation is more important today than ever before.

Join colleagues from all sectors; Science, Academia, Government and Industry and learn how we can execute more successfully in areas like: Collaboration, Education and Innovation–in an effort to provide quality food & beverage products that resonate with consumers.

I’d also like to take a moment and extend a special welcome to all our students. Canada has a well-developed education system in the area of food science and technology with 14 universities and colleges spread across the country, offering degrees in Food Science and TechnologySome of the students from those programs are here in Montreal for the congress.  I hope you will all have the opportunity to network and forge new relationships – relationships that hopefully will serve you well as you embark on your careers as the next generation of food scientists & technologist.

I know I speak for all Canadians when I say how proud we are to be hosting such an impressive event and even more pleased that each of you could join us.

Rickey Yada, Chair