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SIG 2: Bionanotechnology

Chair: Saverio Mannino (Milano, IT)
          Kristberg Kristbergsson (Reykjavik, IS)
          Gustavo Gutierrez (Mexico City, MX)

Nanotechnology focuses on the characterization, fabrication, and manipulation of biological and non-biological structures at dimensions of roughly 1 to 100 nm. Structures on this scale have been shown to have unique and novel functional properties. Consequently, interest and activities in this research area have greatly increased over the past years. The potential benefits of nanotechnology have also been recognized by many industries, and commercial products are already being manufactured, such as in the microelectronics, aerospace, and pharmaceutics. More than 400 companies around the world today are active in nanotechnology research and development and this number is expected to increase to more 1000 within the next years. In contrast, applications of nanotechnology within the food science are rather limited. Achievements and discoveries in nanotechnology are just beginning to impact the food industry at different levels from food safety with the development of novel sensing devices to the molecular synthesis of new food products and ingredients or packaging materials.

The SIG is aimed to:

  • implement education and research that can exploit the novel properties of nanomaterials offering new opportunities for the food and agricultural industry
  • provide training activities on the several aspects of the nanotechnology applied to food and biological systems
  • provide methods for the risk assessment of the new nanofood
  • exchange ideas and methodologies


The main objectives of the SIG is the creation of a reference group in food nanotechnology and the promotion of exchange of ideas in view of preparation of common research projects.


reference contacts: Saverio Mannino (saverio [dot] mannino [AT] unimi [dot] it), Kristberg Kristbergsson (kk [AT] hi [dot] is) and Gustavo Gutierrez (gusfgl [AT] gmail [dot] com)

The SIG is open to all interested people that would like to actively contribute and collaborate. For more information and/or expression of interest please send email to the contacts or register <here>. for membership select "non-member registration" and then SIG3



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