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Related Projects

  • CAPINFOOD: Improving the enabling environment and public awareness for innovation in the South-East-European food sector through transnational collaboration (3/2011-2/2014)

  • Collab4Safety: The overall strategic objective of Collab4Safety is to optimise the integration of research and training in food safety between the European Union (EU) and its trading partners, in order to facilitate the control and mitigation of existing and emerging food risks, and to provide a sustainable platform for global integration of food safety policies.

  • CHANCE: The project aims to develop attractive and affordable food products that can help preventing nutritional problems in people at risk of poverty in Europe.

  • EuroDISH: The project assesses the current needs for food and health research infrastructures in Europe
  • EXAIRDEC: A research project for SMEs to develop an innovative contaminated air purification solution for the food industry based on the Pulsed Corona Discharge (PCD) technology.

  • FRISBEE: Food Refrigeration Innovations for Safety, consumers’ Benefit, Environmental impact and Energy optimization along the cold chain in Europe.
  • FOOD CAREERS: A portal to create an online network for continual professional training and career development for Food Scientists and Technologists, through social networking and providing the guidance and tools for creating and maintaining a continual professional development port.

  • FOOD GALAXY: A website with a lot of information on food to attrct students to food studies.

  • Food Manufacture: A platform to provide a vision and a conceptual design for a cross disciplinary research infrastructure for food manufacturing that will boost innovation, competitiveness and productivity of the European Food sector and Manufacturing Solutions sector.

  • FOODSEG: is a Coordination and support action and has the overall objective to disseminate state-of-the-art research results in food safety and quality topics through a series of symposia, expert working group meetings, an online platform with best practise examples and coordination of cooperation and a plan for the preparation of future activities.

  • FOOD STRUCTURE: a COST action FA1001 to apply innovative fundamental structure-property relationships for the design of foods for health, wellness and pleasure.

  • HEALTHBREAD: pursues two approaches for ombining health benefits as in whole grain based bread with the preferred taste of white bread

  • INPROFOOD: aims to find new ways to establish dialogue and mutual learning between industry, academia and civil society.

  • ISEKI-Food 4: A thematic network project to innovate the education and training of Food Science and Technology (FS&T) students, by the development of guidelines to update and modernise HE courses and training programmes and tools  to produce the FS&T professionals of the future, to implement the role of the third level of education (PhD, in particular) in promoting the employability and entrepreneurship of the graduated FS&T and Food professional by proposing (i) training tools to develop appropriate skills and (ii) a virtual environment to favour their networking and to create a framework offering lecturing qualification for university teaching staff.

  • SOPHY: aims to develop a web-based software tool for prediction of product safety, quality and shelf life of ready-to-eat products. Fresh cut salads and deli salads were chosen as model food system. Food producers will be able to optimise their raw material selection, product formulation and processing steps virtually.
  • TRACK_FAST: Identification of the training and career requirements of future European food scientists and technologists (FST), and implementation of a European strategy to recruit the next generation FST leaders.

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