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Date Title (click for details) City Country Categories
2019-09-24 GDL Symposium Pflanzliche Proteine – Eigenschaften, Potenziale, Anwendungstechnologie Gerlingen DE
2019-09-26 Campus - Cup BOKU Vienna AT
  • IFA organized or supported
2019-09-26 18th International Conference of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine from Cluj-Napoca Cluj-Napoca RO
2019-09-30 Food Structures, Digestion and Health Roturua NZ
2019-10-08 INFOGEST Training School Madrid ES
2019-10-10 ICAPP 2019 - 1st International Conference on Advanced Production and Processing Novi Sad RS
2019-10-16 Biobased Coatings APAC 2019 Bangkok TH
2019-10-22 CIBUS TEC Parma IT
2019-10-24 12th Int. and Professional Conference WITH FOOD TO HEALTH Osijek HR
  • IFA organized or supported
2019-11-07 1st Int. Food Engineering Congress Antalya TR
  • IFA organized or supported
2019-11-12 33rd EFFoST International Conference Rotterdam NL
2019-11-25 The Quality of Grain, Flour and Bread Moscow RU
2019-11-25 e-Conference on Food Texture and Rheology Vienna AT
  • IFA organized or supported
2019-11-26 International Conference on Food Safety and Health 2019 Taichung City TW
2019-11-26 EUROCAROTEN International Carotenoid Conference Lemesos CY
2019-12-03 Food Industry Conference & Exhibition Berlin DE
2019-12-03 Workshop: Current Challenges for Minimal Processing, Sustainability and Food Safety Villepeinte FR


Date Title (click for details) City Country Categories
2020-01-22 CONSOLFOOD2020 Faro PT
2020-02-17 8th International Conference on Proteins and Food Colloids (CIPCA) Campinas BR
2020-03-05 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Development Goals - Higher Education & Science Take Action Barcelona ES
2020-07-08 6th International ISEKI-Food conference Nicosia CY
  • IFA organized or supported