ISEKI NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVES (NR) and their deputies have to be members of the ISEKI-Food Association.

The NR´s and their deputies are an important reference point to all those interested in promoting cooperation in all aspects of food science and engineering within the ISEKI-Food network, ensuring that ISEKI activities are disseminated and visible in their respective country. In this way the ISEKI tradition is maintained beyond the life of the project which ended in September 2014.

Some documents related to the activity of NRs and deputies are presented below.

Questionnaire for National Representatives and Deputies

NR duties and rights

Guidance paper for new NR´s

Input form for country site

List of National Representatives and Deputies:

 Country  National Representative  Deputy
 Argentina  Pablo RIBOTTA  
 Austria  Julian DRAUSINGER  
 Belgium  Benedikt SAS  
 Belarus  Zinaida YEGOROVA  
 Bosnia & Herzegovina  Milan VUKIĆ  
 Brazil  Pedro D. E. AUGUSTO  
 Bulgaria  Velitchka GOTCHEVA  
 Canada  Cristina RATTI  
 Croatia  Mladen BRNCIC  Nada KNEZEVIC
 Cyprus  Dimitris TSALTAS  Photis PAPADEMAS
 Egypt  Sobhy El SOHAIMY  
 Estonia  Katrin LAOS  
 Finland  Kirsi JOUPPILA  
 France  Victor ACHA  Florence DUBOIS-BRISSONNET
 Germany  Susanne BRAUN
 Winfried RUSS
 Greece  Vassiliki OREOPOULOU  Charis GALANAKIS
 Guatemala  Rodolfo SOLIS  
 Hungary  Cecilia HODUR  
 Iceland  Kristberg KRISTBERGSSON  
 Ireland  Jesus FRIAS CELAYETA  
 Israel  Ido BRASLAVSKY  
 Italy  Paola PITTIA  
 Lithuania  Rimantas VENSKUTONIS  
 Malta  Anna MCELHATTON  
 Malaysia  Salma MOHAMAD YUSOP  
 Mexico  Maria Teresa JIMENEZ MUNGUIA  Gustavo GUTIERREZ
 North Macedonia  Vangelce MITREVSKI  
 Norway  Trude WICKLUND  
 Peru  Carmen VELEZMORO  
 Poland  Andrzej LENART  Dorota KREGIEL
 Portugal  Margarida VIEIRA  Cristina L.M. SILVA
 Romania  Gabriela IORDACHESCU  Mona POPA
 Russia  Ludmila ALIEVA  
 Serbia  Mirco BABIC  Liljana Mojovic
 Slovenia  Veronika ABRAM  
 South Africa  Afam JIDEANI  Jessy VAN WYK
 Sri Lanka  A.L.Chathudina JANITHA LIYANAGE  
 Thailand    Sasitorn TONGCHITPAKDEE
 Trinidad & Tobago  Brensley RAMCHARAN  
 Tunisia  Zied ZARAI  
 Turkey  Fahrettin GÖGÖS  Ferruh ERDOGDU
 United States  Patricia CURTIS  
 UK  Richard MARSHALL  
 Ukraine  Galina CHEREDNICHENKO  


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