Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the related regulations
this conference will be held online on 11 December 2020 from 14:00 until 18:30 CET

All partners of the FOOD-AWARE project (DOUKAS SCHOOL-Greece, THE POLISH FARM ADVISORY-Poland, SPOLECZNA AKADEMIA NAUK-Poland, PROPEL-Belgium, UNIVERSITY OF DUNDEE-UK and ISEKI-FOOD ASSOCIATION-Austria) cordially invite you to attend the Final Conference of the FOOD-AWARE project. Key target groups are stakeholder representatives, national and international NGO┬┤s, rural networks, national and international decision makers, parents and last but not least teachers who have to take care of raising food awareness in children and teach them how precious food is and how they can become responsible consumers.

The FOOD-AWARE project aims to:

  • empower children in Europe to grow into responsible and conscientious food consumers
  • train teachers to educate their students from a young age on the following subjects: local food production, food waste, food chain, responsible food consumption and resource efficiency including sustainability and circularity
  • raise awareness of the fact that European farmers are not getting the return they deserve for the high-quality food they produce while meeting some of the highest environmental and welfare standards in the world
  • inspire a sense of responsibility towards the planet climate, environment and society's future in general through the project's outcomes
  • empower young children themselves, their own lives and that of their own children in years to come


Conference outline:

  • Introduction to the FOOD-AWARE project
  • Experts presentations
  • Experiences from teachers
  • Training materials presentation for teachers (Local Food Production, Food Chain, Food Waste, Resource Efficiency, Responsible Food Consumption)
  • Teaching aids presentation for children (Educational comics, posters, activity sheets and videos)


Conference Programme


The participation in the FOOD-AWARE Final Conference will be free of charge, but online registration is mandatory.


Please find below the project leaflet in different languages for printing if needed.

FOOD-AWARE Leaflet English

FOOD-AWARE Leaflet Greek

FOOD-AWARE Leaflet German

FOOD-AWARE Leaflet Polish

FOOD-AWARE Leaflet French



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23-25 June 2021, ONLINE
Sustainable Development Goals in Food Systems

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