18. Nov. 2020 to 19. Nov. 2020
Online Event


18 November 2020 (11am - 3 pm CET) & 19 November 2020 (4pm - 8pm CET)


PROGRAMME for download

This e-conference is organised and supported by the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest (UASVM of Bucharest) and the ISEKI-Food Association in collaboration with the ISEKI Special Interest Group (SIG) “Food Structure and Bionanotechnology” in November 2020 and is focused on topics “From production to consumption” for a fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food system.

Food texture is a highly multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research domain, involving scientists working in research areas from food science and technology and plant and animal production to psychology and medical sciences, including veterinary sciences.

A particular responsibility lies with production chains and the food industry to support sustainable practices in the production of high quality foods with high sensory qualities. Food industry must also consider healthy eating habits and the special nutritional needs of different population categories in an ageing society.

New eating habits and nutritional needs and the relationship between structure-mechanical properties with sensory ones are important aspects in research in the field of food industry, medicine and last but not least in the field of agricultural and animal production.

The e-conference aims to create an international platform for communication across continents and disciplines, bringing together scientists from various areas of research in the field of food texture to exchange and share information in support of human health and well-being.

E-conference topics:

  1. Food quality in the framework of a sustainable food production
  2. Sustainable food consumption and  facilitating the shift towards healthy, sustainable diets (the role/influence of food texture and rheology in eating habits and food consumption)
  3. Food texture and rheology
  4. Sensory measurements
  5. Instrumental measurements
  6. Market and consumer behaviour and preferences

Invited speakers:


 Igor  Tomašević


University of Belgrade, Serbia                


"Computer vision system for food colour evaluation"                  

 Ido Braslavsky The Hebrew Univesity of Jerusalem, Israel 

"Fortified ice - cellulose composites"


 Bela Kovacs


University of Debrecen, Hungary


"Can selenium and molybdenum be a potential hazard in our food raw materials?"


 Jan de Vries                                                 


Nutrition Solutions, Netherlands                              


"The possibilities of food technology in “reshaping” refined grain products to grain products with a healthier profile"

  Uri Lesmes 

Technion Israel Institute of Technology


“The power of in vitro digestion models in engineering edible insect proteins’ functionality and digestibility”


Sorin Mihai Cimpeanu, Rector of the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest, Romania,
Liliana Tudoreanu, University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest, Romania,
Stelica Cristea, University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest, Romania,
Gerhard Schleining, ISEKI-Food Association, Austria
Katherine Flynn, ISEKI-Food Asociation, Austria
Anita Haberhsuber, ISEKI-Food Association, Austria

Scientific Committee (in alphabetical order):

Victor Acha, UniLasalle, France
Ido Braslavsky, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Stelica Cristea, UASVM, Romania
Marco Dalla Rosa, University of Bologna, Italy
Jan de Vries, nutritionsolutions, The Netherlands
Katherine Flynn, ISEKI-Food Asociation, Austria
Uri Lesmes, Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Maria Papageorgiou, International Hellenic University, Greece
Gerhard Schleining, ISEKI-Food Association, Austria
Cristina Silva, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Portugal
Liliana Tudoreanu, UASVM, Romania
Kiki Zinoviadou, Perrotis College, Greece


Type of Presentations:

    •    Oral presentation: max. 10 minutes + 5 minutes online discussion
    •    Poster presentation
         a) discussions in forums
         b) posters  - 2 minute presentation required for student posters (those who are in the best student poster competition) and optional for other posters. The moderators will be very strict about the time!

Posters should be presented in pdf format. The pdf format should be generated from one slide ppt file with the size of: 120cm x 80 cm (landscape format) or 80 cm x 100 cm (portrait format). See the landscape and portrait templates below.

Maximum number of submitted abstracts with the same first author that will be accepted is 2.

Only 2 submitted abstracts per same first author are permitted. First authors need to participate at the e-conference. The submitted abstracts will be published in an electronic book of abstracts with ISBN number.
Abstracts should be sent as a word file to:
Abstract template (version 2020-09-02)

Poster template 80x100

Poster templat 120x180


12 October 2020: Abstract submission deadline: 
27 October 2020: Abstract confirmation
29 October 2020: Registration closed
09 November 2020: submission of all posters (pdf) and submission of oral presentations (ppt), which are participating in the competition
16 November 2020: submission of all short oral presentations (ppt): Short oral presenters have to prepare max 4 ppt slides in addition to the poster

16 November 2020: deadline for payment of registration fees. If  we have not received your payment until 16 November 2020 (2 days prior to the conference) your registration will be cancelled without any exception.



Abstracts will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee using the following criteria: Innovation, Reason for or value of this study, Impact (social, economic, environmental, &/or industrial applicability)

Oral Presentations and Posters will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee using the following criteria:

General Criteria: Overall Clarity of the study, clarity and structure of the presentation/poster (ability to convey message to audience - concise and clear), Responses to questions (concise and clear).

Presentation/Poster Criteria: Introduction) State of the art, Reason for or value of this study, Methods) Quality of experimental design. Results) Appropriate analytical methods/ technologies and  statistical analyses of the data, Complete and understandable graphics. Conclusion) Convincing and concise conclusion (presentation of the impact).


Registration fees:

ISEKI-members:  EUR 25
Non ISEKI-members: EUR 40
ISEKI-student members: EUR 10
Non ISEKI student members: EUR 20

Scan or copy of valid student ID has to be sent to:
As soon as payment has been done (by bank transfer or paypal only) the registration is confirmed and a confirmation of payment will be provided.

Online registration is mandatory:


INSTRUCTIONS FOR PARTICIPATION (click here to download the details)

After received payment the participants will receive a link to participate. Because of the large number of participants we had to organize it in parallel sessions. In order to move free between the breakout rooms you need to access the confeence via the zoom app and not via the webbrowser. You must also be sure to have the latest version, whcih you can download or update from

Poster room and Discussion platform:
In order to facilitate discussions you can find all the contributions (oral, short oral and poster) here
All delegates will receive a separate invitation from the system and need to be logged in. There will be the Book of Abstracts available for download and a forum for each contribution, where you can put questions to the author or participate in discussions.

Certificates for attendance, presentations and awards you can get upon request from the ISEKI secretariat:


Student AWARDS:
First author of the abstract and presenter of the oral presentation or poster must be a student with valid student ID (incl. PhD student) in order to be eligible for the student award.

Winners oral

  1. 200€: Anita VAKULA, Zdravko ŠUMIĆ, Marija JOKANOVIĆ, Branimir PAVLIĆ, Tatjana DANIČIĆ, Aleksandra TEPIĆ HORECKI: Prototype of an innovative vacuum dryer: Comparative analysis of physical, chemical and biological properties of fruit dried with a vacuum dryer with a vacuum pump and with an ejector system.
  2. 75€: Aikaterini KOLIASTASI, Vasiliki KOMPOTHEKRA, Charilaos GIOTIS, Antonis K. MOUSTAKAS, Efstathia P. SKOTTI, Argyrios GERAKIS, Eleni P. KALOGIANNI, Despoina GEORGIOU, Christos RITZOULIS: Novel emulsifiers from olive mill compost.

  3. 50€: Nikoletta SOLOMAKOU, Janine WAGNER, Costas G. BILIADERIS, Thomas MOSCHAKIS: Extraction of oil bodies (oleosomes) from Cannabis sativa L. as a dairy substitute.

Winners poster

  1. 200€: Catarina VILA-REAL, Ana PIMENTA-MARTINS, Samuel MBUGUA, Sawadogo-Lingani HAGRÉTOU, Kati KATINA, Ndegwa H. MAINA, Elisabete PINTO, Ana M.P. GOMES: Novel symbiotic functional fermented African cereal-based product: nutritional, physicochemical, microbiological, and sensory characterization.
  2. 75€: Prodromos PRODROMIDIS, Ioannis MOURTZINOS, Janine WAGNER, Evangelos KOKKINOMAGOULOS, Panagiotis KANDYLIS, Vasileia SERETI, Konstantina ZAMPOUNI, Eugenios KATSANIDIS, Athina LAZARIDOU, Costas G. BILIADERIS, Thomas MOSCHAKIS: Use of phenol-rich red onion skin waste extracts as natural colorants in yoghurt-like products.
  3. 50€: Konstantina ZAMPOUNI, Thomas MOSCHAKIS, Vasilina SDROLIA, Eugenios KATSANIDIS: Textural properties of bigels comprised of gelatin hydrogels and monoglycerides oleogels.










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