19. May. 2022 to 20. May. 2022
Monasterium Poortackere Ghent

The ICA Community of Practice for Bioeconomy Education Colloquium 2022 will be held at the Monasterium Poortackere, Ghent, Belgium on the 19th and 20th of May.

The Colloquium will focus on education for the Bioeconomy at the Bachelor level, with the focus on the ambition to develop the mindset of students for the Sustainable Circular Bioeconomy through the curriculum of Bachelor degree programmes.

Students follow many different Bachelor degree programmes which can provide opportunities for careers in the different fields of the bioeconomy represented by agriculture, forestry, horticulture, blue economy, food value chain, biotechnology, and the bio-based economy. However, many graduates on leaving education are not aware of the career opportunities and the scope of the Sustainable Circular Bioeconomy. Employers in these industries need staff who bring the perspective of the Sustainable Circular Bioeconomy to their particular job in the workplace.

These many existing specific Bachelor degree programmes, related to the many disciplines underpinning the Bioeconomy, need to incorporate within the curriculum an understanding of the concept and interdisciplinarity of the Sustainable Circular Bioeconomy. 

The goal of the Colloquium is to address how such an interdisciplinarity mindset of the Sustainable Circular Bioeconomy should be embedded in the curricula of these Bachelor degree programmes.

Each Session of the Forum theme will be addressed by keynote speakers followed by small round table breakout groups to discuss the issues raised, with a concluding report from the breakout groups of the issues raised in the final session.

More information can be found online on the ICA-CoP Bio-Edu Colloquium 2022 homepage. 


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