06. Apr. 2022

The DISH Cluster is thrilled to announce the event "Towards a healthy and safe diet" that will take place on April 6th, 2022 (10:00 - 12:00 CET). 

What is the DISH Cluster?

The DISH Cluster aims to guide and support consumers towards a healthy and safe diet by improving their nutritional habits and food safety. It is made up on the synergies established by 5 project: SafeConsume, Eat2benice, FoodSafety4EU, Stance4Health and One Health EJP. 

How the event will work? 

On the 6th of April the DISH cluster will contribute and inspire the next directions towards a safe and healthy food style with keynotes speakers of the European Food System!

The “virtual lunch” will be divided in 3 main courses:  

  • an aperitif as a warm welcome by a representative of Horizon Results Booster representatives and the 5 projects’ coordinators of the DISH Cluster 
  • a main course with the participation of keynote speakers of the European food safety system  
  • and a dessert where the participants are invited to contribute through an interactive session 

You can find the AGENDA and REGISTRATION LINK here: 


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