25. Oct. 2021 to 27. Oct. 2021

The Whole Grain Summit (WGS) is a very focused event and a regularly organised international meeting (started in 2001, last meeting in Vienna in 2017) that encourages all sectors, disciplines and cultures to convene, collaborate and work towards understanding why and how to increase consumption of whole grain (WG) foods possibly through collective solutions. For this purpose, all stakeholders in the whole grains food chains are called to contribute, from plant and food scientists to health experts, food manufacturers and marketers, government regulators, communicators, focusing on the local and the international level.

This 2021 WGS aims at building on past experience to update current knowledge worldwide on wholegrains and to prioritise interests, focus and leverage people, resources and funding around new models, approaches and initiatives within the food system that help increasing WG intake in all sectors of the population. By inviting internationally renowned scientists as well as experts who shape the whole grain food system (infrastructure) to participate, we collectively harness and directly apply the current body of biological and behavioural research & technology. This is also accomplished by strategically focusing on the development of new tools, methods, and approaches that fill critical gaps in the whole grain food system, to enhance whole grain availability, accessibility and consumption, safeguarding sustainability and consumers’ health.

The Conference Committees made up of members from a variety of public and private Institutions from all over the world will be able to guarantee a plurality of opinions and build an outstanding programme spanning 3 days (25-27 October 2021), which encompasses oral presentations, workshops, panel discussions, tabletop exhibitions, poster presentations.

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