22. Apr. 2024 to 25. Apr. 2024

At the heart of the ICC activities lies the International Cereal and Bread Congress (ICBC), which takes place every four years, and which involves numerous cereal scientists, technologists, millers, bakers, ingredients, and equipment suppliers around the globe. The 17th ICBC will take place from April 22-25, 2024 in Nantes, France. 

ICBC24 is organized by INRAE, France's National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment and ICC, the International Association for Cereal Science and Technology. 

The event wishes to promote: “Healthy Cereal Diets from Sustainable Food Systems” as there is an urgent need for keeping the food systems within environmental limits. It will also explore the latest innovations and trends in cereal science and technology, with a focus on promoting healthy cereal-based diets from sustainable food systems.

The following topics will frame ICBC24:

•    Agricultural policy, global supply chain and trade of cereals
•    Sustainable agriculture and food chain systems
•    Grain breeding and climate change
•    Alternative grain crops to face global challenges
•    Cereal nutrition for health-conscious consumers
•    Wholegrains, their definition and utilization in foods
•    Conventional cereal processing technologies: milling, bread making, biscuits, pasta
•    Non-conventional and emerging cereal technologies
•    Analytical methods for quality determination and grain characterization
•    Food safety
•    Consumer perception of grain-based foods
•    Cereal future, innovation in teaching and learning, innovation and management

Abstract submission deadline for poster presentations is 22.03.2024!

Find more details about the event at the ICBC2024 website!


Join our one-hour webinar that provides the participants the opportunity to learn more about

  • the e-SafeFood project
  • IFA e-learning platform
  • the modelling of cross contamination.

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