09. Oct. 2023 to 11. Oct. 2023

On behalf of the ICA Board, we are pleased to promote the ICA Rectors and Deans Forum 2023 Webinars. The Forum focuses on two separate topics under the title Artificial Intelligence & the One Health Triad Challenges for Life Science Universities.

As a pre-Forum event there will be three Webinars focusing on the One Health Triad Challenges. The Webinars focus on the science relating to the One Health Triad. Commissioner Kyriakides, the EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, in May 2022 set the challenge to “put the One Health approach at the core of our action, recognising the intrinsic connection between the health of people, animals, plants and their shared environment”.


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Pre-Forum One Health Webinar Programme

Monday 9 October at 13.00 – 14.00 CEST

Webinar: Healthy People from the One Health perspective
Stef Bronzwaer, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Parma, IT

Tuesday 10 October at 13.00 – 14.00 CEST

Webinar: Healthy Animals from the One Health perspective
Annemarie Rebel, Wageningen Bioveterinary Research Institute, Wageningen University and Research, NL

Wednesday 11 October at 13.00 – 14.00 CEST

Webinar: Healthy Environment from the One Health perspective
Raf Aerts (part-time prof. KU Leuven, part-time researcher Sciensano) Belgian Federal Institute for Public Health

Register for the Webinars here  This is the same registration from as for the whole ICA Rectors and Deans Forum.  There is no registration fee for the Webinars.

The ICA Board looks forward to welcoming you to the Webinars.


Join our one-hour webinar that provides the participants the opportunity to learn more about

  • the e-SafeFood project
  • IFA e-learning platform
  • the modelling of cross contamination.

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