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Course on Batch / Bio Process Modeling, Cost of Goods Analysis, Production Planning, Scheduling and Debottlenecking

TU München
 DE (Germany)
2019-June-17, 08:45 - 2019-June-18, 16:45

Thousands of professionals around the globe have already attended our workshops. All participants will receive complimentary  copies of SuperPro LT (list price $1000/copy) and SchedulePro LT (list price $900) as well as detailed sample models for the production of biopharmaceuticals, bio-materials, fine chemicals, food, pharmaceutical and consumer products, etc. Please click here in order to download the registration form in Word format.
Our courses are intended for scientists and engineers in the Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Fine Chemical, Food, and Consumer Product industries that are interested in: 

* Modeling and Optimization of Batch and Continuous Processes
* Cost of Goods Analysis
* Cycle Time Reduction and Debottlenecking
* Production Planning and Scheduling
* Capacity Analysis
* Lean Manufacturing
* Pollution Prevention and Control

Instructors at colleges and universities that teach Biochemical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Process and Plant Design, Food Engineering, and related courses are welcome to attend.
The courses include theory on the above subjects and hands-on sessions with SuperPro Designer and SchedulePro. SuperPro is a comprehensive process simulator that facilitates modeling and optimization of batch and continuous processes, cost of goods analysis, cycle time reduction, environmental impact assessment, and other tasks. SchedulePro is a production scheduling and resource management tool specifically developed for the needs of the batch process industries. It handles planning, scheduling, capacity analysis, and debottlenecking of multi-product and multi-purpose facilities. It features advanced conflict resolution, rescheduling, and production tracking capabilities. Functional evaluations versions of SuperPro Designer v10 and SchedulePro v8 can be downloaded from our website (

Intelligen's technology originated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the late 1980's. More than 500 companies and 750 universities around the world have already adopted our tools (including 19 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and 9 of the top 10 biotech companies). For a partial list of current users, please point your browser to

A pdf with directiins and detsiled information you can download HERE.